Upcoming Events

Energy Modeling for Sustainable Cities

April 29

Learn from two experts in Energy Modeling who will be sharing their experiences in Passive House Energy Modeling workflow and Digitizing the Building Industry for a Sustainable Future.

Kelly Fisher and Nilesh Jadhav will be bringing unique outlooks from their respective countries on opposite sides of the globe.

Digitizing the Built Environment - The Digital Campus

April 23

The university and college campus is composed of housing, services, infrastructure and multiple communities articulated through a dynamic space, similar to a city. Digitizing large-scale multi-model districts is a current field of study in search of more resilient and sustainable communities. Universities are natural hubs for these explorations.

Please join this virtual event to hear from the top institutions in the National Capital Region and how they are adopting the digital campus. This event will feature presentations from Algonquin College, Carleton University, Collège La Cité, and the University of Ottawa as well as a panel discussion with interactive audience questions.

Past Events

Africa - Canada Partner Session 2020

September 23

The future of the Building and Infrastructure Industry will face many challenges, from affordability to sustainability. To design and build a future that improves upon these aspects, new skills, technology and methodologies will need to be developed by members of our industry.

CanBIM, BIM Africa and dbNCR present: Preparing for the Future of Work in the Building and Infrastructure Industry. Join our expert presenters and panelists as we explore what it means to work in a rapidly changing industry, and how you can prepare to excel in this transformation.

CanBIM Ottawa Regional Session

April 22-23

The pressure to create a better built environment could not be more significant and urgent than today. Global forces such as climate change driving the need for resilient infrastructure, population growth driving the need for affordable housing, environmental impact driving the need for net zero waste targets and thinning margins and global competition driving the need for productivity and innovation.

The Ottawa Executive Speaker Series will offer innovative and informative sessions about the increasingly important subject of Digital Twins. Initiatives across the globe are emerging to define and develop digital twins to help improve productivity and create efficiencies within the built environment. The CanBIM Ottawa session will explore the unique challenges and opportunities for digital twins in the context of the Canadian building and infrastructure industry. The session will examine diverse scales of digital twins – from asset fabrication to creating a digital twin for buildings, to examining how to develop a digital twin at the national scale and how simulations and monitoring with IoT and artificial intelligence can be utilized to improve our built environment.

Thank you for your support of dbNCR! Please use this partner code for $10 off registration: PARTNEROTT20