CanBIM Ottawa - 2020 Virtual Session

CanBIM's first virtual event was a huge success! Read Kirk's recap of the day here.

Construction Trends for 2020

At our February 2020 event, Patrick Lalonde discussed the major trends in construction that will be prevalent in 2020. You can learn more by reading his article here.

CanBIM Innovation Spotlight 2020

The 2020 Innovation Spotlight provides educational, industry-based content focused on Transformation within the building and infrastructure industry. The publication overviews current and future challenges, such as global sustainability, industry-wide productivity, supply-chain, data management, new technology and more.

Read the Innovation Spotlight here.

Nicolas Arellano, Automating Geometry Organization

Our Director of Research, Nicolas Arellano, writes about the work he is doing with his team at CIMS automating the categorization of complex Revit geometry for use in VR. Read his article at the CIMS Blog.